We have exceeded expectations of even our largest clients over the years and accross the midwest. Below are a few samples of these accomplishments.

American Academy of Pediatrics

Chicago, Illinois

2950 N. Sheridan

Chicago, Illinois

The Park at Wrigley

Chicago, Illinois

171 N. Halsted

Chicago, Illinois

500 N. Milwaukee

Chicago, Illinois

Hotel Essex Chicago

Chicago, Illinois


Chicago, Illinois

Residences at 8 East Huron

Chicago, Illinois

The Paragon

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Bears Halas Hall

Lake Forest, Illinois

This is a 40,000 sq ft state of the art addition to their existing facility. This project had a very tight schedule since it needed to be completed by the opening of training camp. The building consists mostly of precast panels and glass.

MidWestern University

Downers Grove, Illinois

This new building has a red brick set in precast panels and a sand blast finish on the lower floors. All the precast was caulked with a double line of sealant and liquid waterproofing applied.

Dupage Medical Building

Lisle, Illinois

This new precast and glass building had MDF caulking the complete exterior envelope with 2 lines of silicone sealant installed.

2550 North Lakeview Condominiums

Chicago, Illinois

This striking design building faces Chicago’s famous Lincoln Park. This was a very intricate project involving thousands of limestone and granite pieces in the precast panels. Sealing these joint lines required the most precise attention to detail. The high quality of MDF’s workmanship was praised by the architect’s statement “the sealant installer in particular is an artist”. When it comes to precise sealing and caulking MDF sealants is the company of choice.

University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center

New Lenox, Illinois

This is an attractive building on the Silver Cross Hospital campus. MDF installed two exterior lines of sealant at all precast joints.

New Faith Baptist Church

Matteson, Illinois

This impressive church structure presented many challenges based on its design and construction complexity. MDF had to seal the expansive exterior curtain wall, all punched openings and metal panels. The projected was completed to the owners & contractors satisfaction.

Northwest Memorial Hospital Parking Garage

Chicago, Illinois

This is a 13 story parking garage and child care facility in the heart of Chicago’s busiest areas. MDF sealed the exterior which is a unique custom made shingled glass curtain wall and all punched openings. Project completed on time.

Blackhawk Apartments

Chicago, Illinois

This impressive 28 story residential building on Chicago’s north side presented a unique challenge. The project consisted of a ribbon window system that required two lines of sealant precisely applied. The exterior sealants were installed from the interior floor as the building was being enclosed. MDF has the reputation of working closely with the contractor to accommodate his schedule.

Riverside Medical Center - Addition

Kankakee, Illinois

Riverside is the major medical facility in Kankakee. This addition was a substantial precast concrete and glass structure. In addition to the precast panels, MDF sealed the glass curtain walls and punched openings. This resulted in MDF sealing the total exterior envelope. The project was under a tight construction schedule. MDF was selected for their attention to detail and strict adherence to tight schedules.

Matteson Community Center

Matteson, Illinois

A large circular glass building front required special attention to properly caulk the glass panels. MDF has the experience on similar projects and successfully finished the project. This was the second building MDF has completed for the Village of Matteson.

Aldi Headquarters

Batavia, Illinois

Aldi is a major grocery chain in the United States. This project was an addition to their existing office. The extension was a precast concrete building. In addition to the precast panels, MDF sealed the glass curtain walls and punched openings. This resulted in MDF sealing the total exterior envelope. MDF was selected by both the precaster & window contractor because of their vast experience in window & precast caulking details.


Glenview, Illinois

Astellas is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the United States. Their new headquarters is a striking glass structure which required a multitude of sealing and caulking challenges. MDF Sealants was selected based on their extensive experience on complicated projects. All work was completed on time to the total satisfaction of the owner.

The Art Institute of Chicago - New Modern Wing

Chicago, Illinois

This is one of the great art museums of the world. The internationally acclaimed of Renzo Piano was selected as the architect on this important project. MDF Sealants were chosen over several other firms to seal the hundreds of precast concrete panels.

Rush Medical Center OAB

Chicago, Illinois

Rush Medical is one of the top hospitals in the Chicago area. MDF was selected to seal the vast expanses of windows and the metal panels.

Library Tower

Chicago, Illinois

Located in the heart of Chicago’s loop, this project required special attention. The design of the building demanded MDF use very intricate staging to perform the work on the hundreds of windows.

Provena St. Joseph Medical

Joliet, Illinois

To facilitate an escalated construction schedule MDF caulked the precast concrete panels from the inside as the buildings progressed. The sealant used was a custom color GE silicone 9000NB.

HSBC Office Building

Mettana, Illinois

This impressive working building was constructed using some very intricate precise concrete panels. MDF Sealants was selected for their ability to perform the precision sealing techniques that were required.

Panduit World Headquarters

Tinley Park, Illinois

This international companies headquarters presented some interesting aspects. The precast concrete panels were granite clad and required MDF perform some caulking at the precast plant, Lombard Architectural Precast Products Company, prior to erection at the site. MDF also sealed all the windows in the building.

Flair Tower

Chicago, Illinois

This major high rise building was on a very tight construction schedule. This time consideration required the windows to be caulked from the inside-out to allow the other trades to continue working without interruption.

Lincolnshire Office Center

Lincolnshire, Illinois

The precast concrete panel building was on an accelerated schedule. MDF met the needs of the general contractor allowing the building to be finished on time.

Naperville Public Library

Naperville, Illinois

This public building has a very interesting design. This intricate design required MDF to use a very special sealant technique for the windows.

Oakbrook Pointe

Oak Brook, Illinois

This attractive building was a precast institute national award winner. MDF sealed both the precast panels and the windows. The precast concrete panels were given a double line of caulk.

Good Shepherd Cemetery

Orland Park, Illinois

The mausoleum here naturally needs to last a very long time. Special attention was given to the double line caulk given to all the precast panels.

Union Tower

Chicago, Illinois

This precast and glass building has two lines of caulk at all the windows and precast joints for a complete exterior seal.

Delta Dental

Naperville, Illinois

This office building project required MDF to have formulated by Dow Corning a custom color window sealant to match the precast concrete panel sealant.

Amcol International

Hoffman Estates, Illinois

The architect for this major office building had very specific specification for the precast concrete panel sealing. MDF met those specifications utilizing a double line caulk for the panels.

Westin Hotels

Lombard & Wheeling, Illinois

This major hotel chain had very exacting specifications for sealing the precast concrete panels. Here again MDF met these with a special double line caulk.

Inwood Athletic Club

Joliet, Illinois

Very special attention was needed to properly seal all the window joints on this building.

Balmoral Office Building

Rosemont, Illinois

This building incorporated a large four-story glass fronted atrium lobby which required MDF to utilize very special sealing techniques. Besides the extensive windows MDF sealed all the precast concrete panels.

Balmoral Office Building

Rosemont, Illinois

Windows sealed on budget and on time.

Robert Morris College

Orland Park, Illinois

A double line caulk was used for all the precast concrete panels on this project.

Leopardo Corporate Headquarters

Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Leopardo is a major general contractor in the Chicago area. They selected MDF for their excellent quality work to seal all the precast concrete panels for their own corporate headquarters.

Silver Cross Medical Office Building

New Lenox, Illinois

The precast concrete panels were given a double line caulk.

Riverbend Condominiums

Chicago, Illinois

This impressive tower is located right on the Chicago River, MDF gave this building a complete exterior envelope seal.

Edward Health Outpatient Center

Plainfield, Illinois

MDF Sealants has extensive experience working on medical projects. This is one of the reasons they were selected to seal all the precast concrete panels on the job which involved multiple buildings.

Colin Powell Middle School

Matteson, Illinois

Once again a double line caulk was used to seal all the precast concrete panels